Our projects

Through the “Accessible Bulgaria” Project, we have put all our efforts into making the world more accessible for people with mobility challenges. Because we want Bulgaria to be accessible to everyone, without any exception! We at the “Accessible World” Foundation, along with a team of dedicated developers we are doing our best to make a great mobility app. With the help of our joint efforts, every person in a wheelchair or his/her companion will know where there is a disabled parking space, where they can find a wheelchair accessible bank office, where they can pay their utility bills without running into steps and obstacles, or where they can just eat and have fun with friends, in an accessible environment.

The “Accessible Bulgaria” mobile app will be 100% free for all its users. Without any in-app purchases or other financial burden. Zero leva and 00 cents – guaranteed!

Keeping such an application is continuous work, with the implementation of a lot of resources. We’ll appreciate your financial help and support to keep the application updated.

Thank you!

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