The ideas and values of this organization are those that are guided by noble goals and principles. We, at “Accessible World”, are not led by profit or material goals. What we want to do is to help people in Bulgaria whose difficulty in mobility interferes with daily life. No matter what their gender, ethnicity or religious beliefs are, we want to help everyone who, day after day, comes face to face with their own battles – sidewalks, curbs, doorsteps, and steps which are an inevitable part of the outside world. We want to help those who cannot go to work or even buy their own bread because of the fact that they are in a wheelchair.

We do not like the word “handicapped”, however, there is practically no way to avoid it, as unfortunately, it is too deeply engraved in the consciousness and everyday speech of Bulgarian citizens. We have chosen to look at the bigger and more important picture – rather than fighting in order to solely change the word which “characterizes” these people, we have decided to change the world around them instead by making it more accessible than it currently is. We, the founders and activists of “Accessible World” know this world all too well. We have an example in our own lovely  Annie, who up until the age of 15 was playing basketball and tennis with her peers. Unfortunately, just a few years later, she was already in a wheelchair, from which there is now no getting up… We know how difficult her life would be without support from those around her and this is exactly why we are here – to help her. To help not only Annie but also the thousands of other people who experience these problems here in Bulgaria.

We are on your side.

We love you and want to help! For an Accessible World!



1.To encourage the promotion of spiritual values in civil society in relation to people with mobility problems and physical disabilities, through the sharing of knowledge, educational and information campaigns;

2. To increase the level of awareness among the population in terms of the hardships which people with physical disabilities face in today’s world through establishing higher examples of humanism, conservation and enrichment of human virtues, as well as respect for human dignity;

3.To promote the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of peoplе who belong to disadvantaged groups, due to their physical disabilities, which result in difficulty in mobility;

4.Implementing targeted information and training activities through educational, informative, strategy-oriented cultural activities and experiences for young people about those that are disadvantaged due to physical and mobile disabilities.

5. To support social and personal integration and realization of people who have physical disabilities and overall difficulty in mobility;

6.To create, build and modernize governmental, municipal, retail, public, and private buildings, with appropriate access, in a way guaranteeing the health and dignity of disadvantaged people;

7.To cooperate with governmental and municipal institutions and authorities, as well as local and foreign organizations, on the subject of the realization of different projects directed towards attaining the goals of the Foundation;

8. To aid and encourage donations;

9. To support and cooperate with other organizations who have similar goals to the Foundation;